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Bad Breath Causes

What are the top bad breath causes?

The leading bad breath causes are a particular type of bacteria found on the soft tissues of the mouth - mainly on the back of the tongue. These bad breath bacteria thrive under a blanket of mucous where they produce the sulfur gases that cause bad breath odor.

Why doesn't everyone have bad breath?

Studies of bad breath causes show us that some people have substantially more of these bad breath bacteria than others; no one knows why. But we do know that at least fifty million people in America have some degree of halitosis and suffer the embarrassment that bad breath causes.

Some key facts about bad breath causes:

Bad breath rarely originates in the stomach, throat, nose or sinuses as many people believe. Air released from the nose of a person with bad breath does not have an offensive odor. In 95% of cases, the primary bad breath causes are found in the mouth.

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