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- HB*These individual difference in efficacy and effect.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

For Ages, People Have Been Interested in How to Prevent Bad Breath Odor....

This obsession has supported a billion-dollar industry in breath mints, mouthwashes, etc. However the most popular means of combating halitosis - tooth brushing and common mouthwashes - are not effective in treating chronic odor. They cannot reach the back of the tongue where the main odor-causing bacteria reside.

Discover How to Prevent Bad Breath

Tongue scraping with a proper tool, in conjunction with good oral hygiene will also temporarily alleviate bad breath. However, the underlying problem remains - volatile sulfur compounds that rebuild on the back of the tongue. If you are interested in how to prevent bad breath at its source, read on.

Finally - Learn How to Prevent Bad Breath 24-Hours a Day

If you truly want to prevent bad breath at its source, then the ProFresh Breath Care System is for you. ProFresh is breath product that contains active chlorine dioxide which has been clinically proven to prevent odor-causing bacteria found on the back of your tongue. The secret about how to prevent bad breath is out! ProFresh has helped thousands of people - why not you?

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